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To use the dictionary, simply type in the word you would like to find in the box above and press the Search button. To find a Japanese definition of an English word, type in the English word. To look up a Japanese word, you must type in kana or kanji to find the definition. The dictionary is not designed to accept romanized Japanese input. You can also use wildcards ( * ) in your search.

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In order to view or search Japanese entries, your computer needs to be able to support Japanese text. Most current computers running Windows XP and Mac OS-X already comes with Japanese text input/output capabilities.

This dictionary is based on EDICT by Jim Breen and is powered by ALISE (A Little Internet Search Engine). PSP is offering free use of this dictionary as a public service to all internet users and as an example ALISE's power and capabilities. Please bookmark this site and tell all your friends. We hope that this site will prove productive and serve as a helpful tool for English and Japanese speakers.